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GizmodLibVisualCInterface header. More...

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void GizmodLibVisual_CleanUp ()
 Clean up.
void GizmodLibVisual_Init ()
void GizmodLibVisual_Render (float VULeft, float VURight, float VUCombined)

Detailed Description

GizmodLibVisualCInterface header.

Definition in file GizmodLibVisualCInterface.h.

Function Documentation

void GizmodLibVisual_Render ( float  VULeft,
float  VURight,
float  VUCombined 



VULeft VU information for the left channel
VURight VU information for the right channel
VUCombined VU information for both channels

Definition at line 62 of file GizmodLibVisualCInterface.cpp.

References GizmodLibVisualPlugin::render().

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