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#include <Socket.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

< Socket
accept ()
 Accept a connection on a socket.
void bind (int Port)
 Bind a socket to a port.
void closeSocket ()
 Close the socket.
void connect (std::string Host, int Port)
 Connect to a server.
void createSocket (SocketDomain Domain=SOCKET_INTERNET, SocketType Type=SOCKET_STREAM)
 Create a socket.
std::string getAddress () const
 Get the socket's address.
int getOldSocket () const
 Get the old socket (what it was before disconnect).
int getSocket () const
 Get the socket.
bool isSocketValid () const
 Test if a socket is valid or not.
void listen ()
 Listen on a socket.
void processEvents ()
 Process events on the socket.
int readIntoBuffer (DynamicBuffer< char > &Buffer)
 Read from the socket into a buffer.
void setEventWatcher (SocketEventWatcher *pWatcher)
 Set the event watcher.
void setMessageMode (bool Enabled)
 Enable automatic message handling mode?
void setTo (Socket const &SocketToBecome)
 Initialize from another socket.
void shutdown ()
 Shutdown socket processing.
int write (const char *Buffer, int BufLen)
 Write date to the socket.
void writeMessage (std::string const &Message, bool FormatMessage=true)
 Write message to socket.
 Socket ()
 Default Constructor.
 Socket (Socket const &InitFrom)
 Init Constructor.
virtual ~Socket ()

Protected Member Functions

void addToMessageBuffer (char *Data, int BufLen)
 Add data to the message buffer.
void handleSocketDisconnect ()
 Handle a socket disconnect.
void handleSocketRead (DynamicBuffer< char > &ReadBuffer)
 Handle a socket read.
void init ()
 Initialize the socket.
int read (char *Buffer, int BufLen)
 Read from a socket.
void setAddress ()
 Set the socket's address.
void threadProcRead ()
 Thread procedure for reading from the socket.

Protected Attributes

std::string mAddress
 The socket's address.
int mBacklog
 Listen with backlog enabled?
SocketDomain mDomain
 Socket domain.
 Object that listens for events on this socket.
int mOldSocket
 The old socket.
int mPort
 Socket port.
bool mProcessing
 Keep processing?
SocketProtocol mProtocol
 Socket protocol.
DynamicBuffer< char > mMessageBuffer
 Buffer that holds messages.
bool mMessageMode
 Do automatic message processing?
struct sockaddr_in mSockAddr
 The socket addres structure.
socklen_t mSockAddrLen
 Length of the socket address.
int mSocket
 The socket.
SocketType mType
 Socket type.


struct  SocketReadThreadProc

Detailed Description

Main Socket class.

This class represents an abstraction to the BSD socket interface

Definition at line 120 of file Socket.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Socket::Socket ( Socket const &  InitFrom  ) 

Init Constructor.

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 96 of file Socket.cpp.

References init(), mpEventWatcher, and setTo().

Member Function Documentation

boost::shared_ptr< Socket > Socket::accept (  ) 

Accept a connection on a socket.

Accept connections.

The new socket
Note: blocking

Definition at line 120 of file Socket.cpp.

References cdbg1, mPort, mProcessing, mSocket, POLL_TIMEOUT, Socket(), and SOCKET_ERROR.

Referenced by H::SocketServer::threadProc().

void Socket::bind ( int  Port  ) 

Bind a socket to a port.

Port The port to bind to

Definition at line 196 of file Socket.cpp.

References mPort, mSockAddr, mSocket, and mType.

Referenced by H::SocketServer::acceptConnections().

void Socket::connect ( std::string  Host,
int  Port 

Connect to a server.

Connect to a server on Port at Host.

Host The server to connect to
Port The port to connect to

Definition at line 237 of file Socket.cpp.

References cdbg4, closeSocket(), mpEventWatcher, mPort, mSockAddr, mSocket, H::SocketEventWatcher::onSocketConnect(), setAddress(), and SOCKET_ERROR.

Referenced by H::SocketClient::connectToServer().

std::string Socket::getAddress (  )  const

Get the socket's address.

Get the socket's address / hostname.

The address / hostname

Definition at line 299 of file Socket.cpp.

References mAddress.

int Socket::getOldSocket (  )  const [virtual]

Get the old socket (what it was before disconnect).

The old socket

Implements H::SocketInterface.

Definition at line 307 of file Socket.cpp.

References mOldSocket.

int Socket::getSocket (  )  const [virtual]

Get the socket.

The socket

Implements H::SocketInterface.

Definition at line 315 of file Socket.cpp.

References mSocket.

bool Socket::isSocketValid (  )  const

Test if a socket is valid or not.

True if valid

Definition at line 355 of file Socket.cpp.

References mSocket, and SOCKET_ERROR.

Referenced by threadProcRead().

int Socket::readIntoBuffer ( DynamicBuffer< char > &  Buffer  ) 

Read from the socket into a buffer.

Read from the socket, info a buffer.

Buffer The buffer to read into
Number of bytes read from socket

Definition at line 404 of file Socket.cpp.

References H::DynamicBuffer< DataType >::addToBuffer(), addToMessageBuffer(), cdbg, handleSocketDisconnect(), PACKET_SIZE, and read().

Referenced by threadProcRead().

void Socket::setEventWatcher ( SocketEventWatcher pWatcher  ) 

Set the event watcher.

pWatcher The event watcher

Definition at line 451 of file Socket.cpp.

References mpEventWatcher.

Referenced by H::SocketClient::SocketClient().

void Socket::setMessageMode ( bool  Enabled  ) 

Enable automatic message handling mode?

Enabled True if message mode should be enabled

Definition at line 459 of file Socket.cpp.

References mMessageMode.

void Socket::setTo ( Socket const &  SocketToBecome  ) 

Initialize from another socket.

Set the current socket to another socket.

SocketToBecome The socket to copy from

Definition at line 467 of file Socket.cpp.

References mBacklog, mDomain, mPort, mProtocol, and mType.

Referenced by Socket().

void Socket::shutdown (  ) 

Shutdown socket processing.

Shutdown all socket processing.

Reimplemented in H::SocketServer, and GizmodLibVisualPlugin.

Definition at line 483 of file Socket.cpp.

References mProcessing.

Referenced by ~Socket().

int Socket::write ( const char *  Buffer,
int  BufLen 

Write date to the socket.

Write data to the socket.

Buffer The data to send
BufLen Length of data to send
Bytes sent

Definition at line 522 of file Socket.cpp.

References mSocket.

Referenced by writeMessage().

void Socket::writeMessage ( std::string const &  Message,
bool  FormatMessage = true 

Write message to socket.

Message The message to write
FormatMessage Format the massage for easy receiving
This function send a message, and makes sure it gets fully sent or else it throws an exception

It also formats the message for easy decomposition by SocketServer

Definition at line 552 of file Socket.cpp.

References STOP_CODON, and write().

Referenced by H::SocketClient::sendToServer().

void Socket::addToMessageBuffer ( char *  Data,
int  BufLen 
) [protected]

Add data to the message buffer.

Add to the message buffer.

Definition at line 159 of file Socket.cpp.

References H::DynamicBuffer< DataType >::addToBuffer(), H::DynamicBuffer< DataType >::clear(), H::DynamicBuffer< DataType >::getBuffer(), H::DynamicBuffer< DataType >::length(), mMessageBuffer, mMessageMode, mpEventWatcher, H::SocketEventWatcher::onSocketMessage(), and STOP_CODON_CHAR.

Referenced by readIntoBuffer().

void Socket::init (  )  [protected]

Initialize the socket.

Init the socket.

Reimplemented in GizmodLibVisualPlugin.

Definition at line 339 of file Socket.cpp.

References DEFAULT_BACKLOG, mBacklog, mDomain, mMessageMode, mPort, mProcessing, mProtocol, mSockAddrLen, mSocket, mType, SOCKET_ERROR, H::SOCKET_INTERNET, H::SOCKET_PROTO_TCP, and H::SOCKET_STREAM.

Referenced by closeSocket(), and Socket().

int Socket::read ( char *  Buffer,
int  BufLen 
) [protected]

Read from a socket.

Buffer The buffer to read into
BufLen The length of the buffer

Definition at line 380 of file Socket.cpp.

References handleSocketDisconnect(), and mSocket.

Referenced by readIntoBuffer().

void Socket::setAddress (  )  [protected]

Set the socket's address.

Set the socket's address from internal structures.

Definition at line 443 of file Socket.cpp.

References mAddress, and mSockAddr.

Referenced by connect().

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