H::SignalHandler Class Reference

Main SignalHandler class. More...

#include <SignalHandler.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void initSignals ()
 Initialize the signal handler.
virtual void onSignalSegv ()
 Signal handler for SEGV.
virtual void onSignalInt ()
 Signal handler for INT.
virtual void onSignalHup ()
 Signal handler for HUP.
virtual void onSignalQuit ()
 Signal handler for QUIT.
virtual void onSignalKill ()
 Signal handler for KILL.
virtual void onSignalTerm ()
 Signal handler for TERM.
virtual void onSignalStop ()
 Signal handler for STOP.
virtual void onSignalUnknown (int Signal)
 Signal handler for Unknown Signals.
 SignalHandler ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~SignalHandler ()

Static Public Attributes

static SignalHandlermpThis = NULL
 Pointer to this.

Detailed Description

Main SignalHandler class.

This class provides an easy way for dealing with signals

Definition at line 62 of file SignalHandler.hpp.

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