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Public Member Functions

def checkEvent
def onEvent
def __init__

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Detailed Description

Event Mapping Base Class for the Default Mappings

Inherit from this class if you want a default device event mapping

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Member Function Documentation

def GizmoScriptDefault::GizmoScriptDefault::checkEvent (   self,
  Gizmo = None 

Test if an event should go through or not

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def GizmoScriptDefault::GizmoScriptDefault::onEvent (   self,
  Gizmo = None 

See GizmodDispatcher.onEvent documention for an explanation of this function

Reimplemented in 410-ATIX10-MythTV::ATIX10MythTV, 510-LIRC-Hauppauge-MythTV::LIRCHauppaugeMythTV, 510-LIRC-MceUSB2-MythTV::LIRCMceUSB2MythTV, GizmoScriptActiveApplication::GizmoScriptActiveApplication, and GizmoScriptRunningApplication::GizmoScriptRunningApplication.

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def GizmoScriptDefault::GizmoScriptDefault::__init__ (   self,

Default Constructor

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