GizmoScriptAltTabber::GizmoScriptAltTabber Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def doAltTab
def isAltTabbing
def timerCallback
def __init__

Detailed Description

Inherit from this class if you want to send Alt-Tab events

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Member Function Documentation

def GizmoScriptAltTabber::GizmoScriptAltTabber::doAltTab (   self  ) 

Figure out what combination of keys to press to do the next iteration of the Alt-Tab events

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def GizmoScriptAltTabber::GizmoScriptAltTabber::isAltTabbing (   self  ) 

Return whether or not alt-tabbing is taking place

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def GizmoScriptAltTabber::GizmoScriptAltTabber::timerCallback (   self,

Callback function for the timer

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def GizmoScriptAltTabber::GizmoScriptAltTabber::__init__ (   self  ) 

Default Constructor

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