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def setDeviceClass
def __init__

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This class is responsible for telling GizmoDaemon what the class
of the devices are that are attached to the system.  Ie, if 
Gizmo Daemon detects "KeyTronic Keyboard" this class should respond
by setting its type to Gizmod.GizmoClass.Standard -- See the C++ API
documention regarding Gizmo.hpp for a complete list (and description)
of the available enums.

This is provided as a way of manually intervening in the device
registration process.  There are cases where certain devices enumerate
themselves with unintuitive descriptions such as "InniTech 
Corp Device v.413" or <blank>.

There are a number of device identification fields available
include product and vendor codes.

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Member Function Documentation

def GizmoDeviceClass::GizmoDeviceClass::setDeviceClass (   self,

Calculate the device type from the device ID info

For information regarding the DeviceInformation fields see the API documention for
H::DeviceInfo, but the following fields are available:
        - DeviceIDBusType;	< Bus Type of the device
        - DeviceIDProduct;	< Product code of the device
        - DeviceIDVendor;	< Vendor ID of the device
        - DeviceIDVersion;	< Version of the device
        - DeviceName;		< Name of the device
        - FileName	 	< Name of the file to watch

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def GizmoDeviceClass::GizmoDeviceClass::__init__ (   self,

Default Constructor

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