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Main GizmoDaemon class. More...

#include <GizmoDaemon.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool checkVersion (double Version, bool Strict)
 See if a version matches ours.
void enterLoop ()
 Enter the main run loop.
X11FocusEvent getCurrentFocus ()
 Get currently focused window.
bool getDebugEnabled ()
 Is debug mode enabled?
GizmodEventHandlerInterfacegetDispatcher ()
 Get the event handler / dispatcher.
< Gizmo
getGizmoByFileName (std::string FileName)
 Get a Gizmo by its file name.
int getNumGizmosByClass (GizmoClass Class)
 Get number of Gizmos of a particular class.
bool getReloadConfig ()
 Get whether or not to reload the config file.
bool getUseKeyboardLEDs ()
 Get whether or not to visualize on the Keyboard LEDs.
bool getUseRemoteControl ()
 Get whether or not to allow remote control.
double getVersion ()
 Get version string.
void initGizmod ()
 Initialize GizmoDaemon Evolution.
bool initialize (int argc, char **argv)
 generic init stuff, command line, etc
void printNiceScriptInit (int Width, std::string Text1, std::string Text2, std::string Text3)
 Print a nice looking init string.
void printNiceScriptRegister (int Width, std::string Text1, std::string Text2, std::string Text3, std::string Text4, std::string Text5)
 Print a nice looking register string.
void signalShutdown ()
 Shutdown gizmod.
 GizmoDaemon ()
 Default Constructor.
virtual ~GizmoDaemon ()

Detailed Description

Main GizmoDaemon class.

Replace for loops (in onFileEventRead) with boost::foreach when the new version comes out!

Definition at line 70 of file GizmoDaemon.hpp.

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