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Generic Exception class. More...

#include <Exception.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const
getExceptionType () const
 Get the type of exception.
virtual const
std::string & 
getExceptionMessage () const
 Get the exception's message.
virtual const char * what ()
 Get the exceptions message.
virtual const char * message ()
 Get the exceptions message.
virtual operator const char * () const
 operator overload for const char * -- get the Exception's message
 Exception (const std::string &Message, ExceptionType Type=EXCEPTION_NORMAL)
 Default Constructor.
 Exception (const std::string &Message, const std::string &File, const std::string &Function, int LineNumber, ExceptionType Type=EXCEPTION_NORMAL)
 Extended Constructor.
virtual ~Exception () throw ()

Protected Attributes

std::string mMessage
 the Exception's informational message
ExceptionType mType
 the type of the exceptionl

Detailed Description

Generic Exception class.

Generic Exception class which takes a string message as a constructor For throwing informative error messages

Definition at line 72 of file Exception.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Exception::Exception ( const std::string &  Message,
ExceptionType  Type = EXCEPTION_NORMAL 

Default Constructor.

Exception Default Constructor.

Definition at line 48 of file Exception.cpp.

References mMessage, and mType.

Exception::Exception ( const std::string &  Message,
const std::string &  File,
const std::string &  Function,
int  LineNumber,
ExceptionType  Type = EXCEPTION_NORMAL 

Extended Constructor.

Exception Advanced Constructor.

Definition at line 56 of file Exception.cpp.

References H::Debug::getEnabled(), mMessage, and mType.

Exception::~Exception (  )  throw () [virtual]


Exception Destructor.

Definition at line 67 of file Exception.cpp.

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