Gizmod::AlsaSoundCardInterface Class Reference

Data structure that holds information about Alsa events. More...

#include <AlsaSoundCardInterface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void addManualUpdater (AlsaMixerInterface *pMixer)
 Add a mixer to the manual update list.
AlsaInterfacegetAlsa ()
 Get a pointer to the Alsa intantiation.
virtual std::string getCardHardwareID () const =0
 Get the card's hardware ID.
virtual int getCardID () const =0
 Get the card ID.
virtual std::string getCardName () const =0
 Get the name of the card.
virtual std::string getCardNameLong () const =0
 Get the long name of the card.
 AlsaSoundCardInterface (AlsaInterface *piAlsa)
 AlsaSoundCardInterface Default Constructor.
virtual ~AlsaSoundCardInterface ()
 AlsaSoundCardInterface Destructor.

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to the Alsa instance.
< AlsaMixerInterface * > 
 List of Mixers that need manual events fired.

Detailed Description

Data structure that holds information about Alsa events.

Definition at line 59 of file AlsaSoundCardInterface.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void AlsaSoundCardInterface::addManualUpdater ( AlsaMixerInterface pMixer  ) 

Add a mixer to the manual update list.

pMixer The mixer to add

Definition at line 66 of file AlsaSoundCardInterface.cpp.

References mUpdateList.

Referenced by Gizmod::AlsaMixer::setSwitchCapture(), Gizmod::AlsaMixer::setSwitchPlayback(), Gizmod::AlsaMixer::setVolumeCapture(), Gizmod::AlsaMixer::setVolumePlayback(), and Gizmod::AlsaMixer::setVolumePlaybackPercent().

AlsaInterface * AlsaSoundCardInterface::getAlsa (  ) 

Get a pointer to the Alsa intantiation.

Point to the AlsaInterface

Definition at line 79 of file AlsaSoundCardInterface.cpp.

References mpiAlsa.

Referenced by Gizmod::AlsaMixer::AlsaMixer().

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